In preclinical animal studies:Abaloparatide helped build bone1

Abaloparatide, a PTHrP(1-34) analog, affected both aspects of bone strength, including BMD and quality1,2

Abaloparatide showed an increase in bone strength, including BMD and bone quality- Preclinical

Abaloparatide maintained or improved bone quality at all skeletal sites evaluated and did not cause any mineralization defects in animal models of postmenopausal osteoporosis1

*Bone microarchitecture can be understood in terms of trabecular architecture (thickness, orientation, spacing of the trabeculae, and the extent to which the trabeculae are interconnected) and cortical thickness and integrity.3

Abaloparatide is a PTHrP(1-34) analog1

Abaloparatide is 76% homologous to hPTHrP (1-34)

Differences in the amino acid sequence of abaloparatide and hPTHrP(1-34) are indicated by highlighted circles.

In addition, abaloparatide is 41% homologous to hPTH(1-34)1

Specifically designed to build bone7

Abaloparatide demonstrated 1600-fold-greater selectivity to the receptor conformation that drives
bone formation (RG) than to the receptor conformation that drives bone resorption (R0)7

Specifically designed to build bone Graphic

In this study, PTHrP was 110x more selective and PTH was 12x more selective to RG than R0.

Data based on an in vitro study examining the binding of ABL (abaloparatide), PTH(1-34), PTHrP(1-36), and LA-PTH (long-acting PTH)
to 2 distinct PTHR1 conformations (RG and R0) as well as the associated cAMP signaling and duration of response.7

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