Provide patients assistance with access
to TYMLOS treatment

Gather relevant patient information to enroll your patients for benefits
verification, injection training, and possible savings and to triage the
prescription to the dispensing, in-network specialty pharmacy.

Help your patients determine which plans may cover TYMLOS
Use the insurance coverage tool >
  • Step 1

    Prescribing TYMLOS

    Send your prescription to the Together with Tymlos Support Center by:

    • E-Prescribing TYMLOS through your EHR system to “Careform Pharmacy” (NPI:1043762750). Be sure to include the ICD-10 diagnosis code with your e-prescription!
    • OR
    • Downloading an enrollment form below, ensuring your patient has signed it, then faxing the completed form, along with a copy of her insurance card (medical and pharmacy), to the Together with Tymlos Support Center at 1-800-910-4610

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  • Step 2

    Insurance Verification

    • Once a prescription has been received, the Together with Tymlos Support Center will conduct an insurance verification to confirm coverage for TYMLOS, obtain estimated out-of-pocket costs, determine if a prior authorization is needed, and identify an in-network specialty pharmacy
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    savings card(s)

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  • Step 3

    Prior Authorization

    • Prior authorization information can be provided electronically through our ePA system, which allows you to submit the prior authorization directly to the payer, or the prior authorization forms can be provided via fax

    Find samples of a prior authorization cover letter, letter of appeal, and letter of medical necessity >

  • Step 4

    Prescription triage to in-network specialty pharmacy

    • Prescriptions will be triaged to the patient’s in-network specialty pharmacy whenever possible
    • The Support Center will provide the pharmacy with the savings card information for eligible patients

    Find out how to explain a specialty pharmacy to your patients and 5 steps to TYMLOS fulfillment >

  • Step 5

    Register your patient for injection training

    • Injection training is provided through our Clinical Educator Network, which helps patients with a prescription understand how to use the pen and self-inject and supports them as they start and stay on TYMLOS, as directed by you

    Download the Clinical Educator Network Registration Form

    •  Motivational Suggestions

      Motivational suggestions and reminders

      • Patients with a prescription can sign up to receive suggestions for ways to help improve bone health, as well as reminders throughout their treatment journey. Patients who sign up for injection training will be offered these reminders. However, for patients who are only interested in the reminders, they can sign up by calling the Clinical Educator Network at 1-855-730-8591.

To learn more about the Together with Tymlos program, please
call 1-866-TYMLOS4 (1-866-896-5674)1-866-TYMLOS4 (1-866-896-5674)

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This site is intended for HCPs in the United States.
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